Schambergs Disease – Schambergs Purpura

schambergs in male leg before treatment

schambergs in male leg before treatment


Schambergs (also called Schambergs Purpura) is a chronic discolouration of the skin. It usually affects the legs (where it often starts) and moves in an upward direction, continuing to spread, if left untreated.

Schambergs can be treated successfully using naturopathic medicine and natural remedies.

Who is likely to get this disease?

schambergs in legs

schambergs in legs

Schambergs is mostly seen in men and sometimes seen in women.

It affects adults of all ages.

Schamberg’s Causes

schambergs in foot

schambergs in foot

  • Immune irregularities
  • Food sensitivities
  • Liver problems
  • Poor circulation and incompetent capillaries
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Viral infections
  • Prescription Medications

Schambergs Symptoms

• Purple discolouration of the skin due to leaking blood vessels
• Swelling of the affected area
• Mostly affects the legs and feet and can spread
• Patches of brown, or orange or purple skin
• May have red or cayenne pepper spots on skin
• Pain and soreness in legs
• Sometimes swelling can cause joint stiffness and difficulty with movement

Schambergs Treatment

• Herbal formula for schambergs
• Specific vitamins and amino acids

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